What to know about salary and salary growth for computer programmers

Computers, computers, computers.

Computer programmers earn a hefty $10.5 million a year, up nearly 50 percent from a decade ago.

And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a computer programmer has grown by more than 6.5 percent per year since 2004.

While computer programmers may have gotten a lot of flack for taking on less demanding jobs during the dot-com bubble, they now have a high-paying position that pays a good salary.

Here are five things to know.


How much are computer programmers earning?

A typical computer programmer earns about $12,000 annually.

That’s slightly more than the median annual salary of $10,700 for full-time workers and nearly double the average annual wage for software developers.

However, the typical software developer is also more likely to be earning higher salaries than computer programmers.

A full-timers salary, according to data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS), is $53,500.

For a software developer, that figure jumps to $64,000.2.

How big is the computer programmer pool?

The BLS reports that about 5 percent of computer programmers work in fields like sales and operations.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has more data about the top 10% of computer programmer jobs, but that number is less than 5 percent.3.

Are computer programmers in the top income bracket?

A study by the Economic Policy Institute and Northeastern University found that in the last decade, the top 1 percent of Americans made an average $13,700 per year, about $1.5 per hour more than computer programmer salaries.4.

Are there specific jobs that pay well?

According to BLS data, software developers in computer programming jobs earn more than other jobs, such as retail clerks, waiters and housekeepers.

But even software developers who make a decent salary don’t always have the best pay.

For example, a survey of software developers found that while the average salary of a software engineer in software development was $64 and the average pay for a software designer was $52, the average income for software engineers in that same field was only $39,000, according a BLS analysis.5.

Is it easy to get a computer-based job?

Computer programmers can get computer jobs that require more technical knowledge and experience, but those jobs tend to pay less.

For instance, the BLS report found that the median compensation for software designers and developers in the software development field was $72,000 in 2010, up from $54,000 two years earlier.6.

Are programmers paid on a regular basis?

A BLS survey found that about 75 percent of the computer programmers surveyed worked less than two hours a day or less than 40 hours a week.

That number is similar to what employers typically pay workers in other industries.

But while the Blesstimes study found that computer programmers worked a median of 39 hours per week, that number could vary depending on the job.

The Belsstimes survey also found that some computer programmers have multiple jobs that could pay a lot more than they would in their primary job.

For software developers, that means that while a software programmer may make $10 an hour, he or she may earn $20 an hour and earn $40 an hour.7.

What are the best-paying software-related jobs?

Software-related companies have a wide range of perks that include vacation, stock options and health and dental insurance.

However and in what order are these benefits paid out?

BLS asked the Belssofters to rank software- related jobs by cost, which determines whether software is considered to be an expense or a perk.

Here’s what the Blss report found: The median total value of a paid vacation or stock option is $3,500 and it’s $2,800 for health insurance and $2 and $4 for dental insurance, the report said.

Software- related companies can have perks like free meals or discounted tickets to events.

However they have to be at least $25,000 per year in value.

A survey of programmers found that, “Software development is generally paid well, with a median compensation of $56,000 and a median annual income of $59,500,” according to Belssthimes.8.

Are women the fastest-growing demographic?

Women are now the fastest growing group of computer-related employees in the United States.

The growth rate of women in the field has slowed in recent years, however, as a number of female-owned companies have experienced difficulty scaling up their software offerings.

For 2012, according the BPL, the number of women and minority-owned businesses with revenue in the US increased by 9 percent and the number with revenues increased by 4 percent.

Thats according to a report from the National Center for Women & Information Technology, which found that only 14 percent of software-based companies in the country are women-owned and only