How to Get $30K on Amazon’s Computer Desktop Systems

How to get $30,000 on Amazon computer desktops.If you want to buy an Apple Macbook Pro or an iMac, you might want to consider purchasing the Dell Latitude E7150.Dell has a decent deal on these machines for just $1,699, which includes both a 1TB hard drive and a 128GB SSD.That price is only slightly below […]

When Walmart makes your shopping list, don’t be afraid to shop on its website

Walmart has been on a buying spree lately.But the online retail giant’s stock has seen some dips over the past few weeks.Walmart announced on Wednesday that it had sold $3.2 billion worth of goods online since it launched its online shopping platform in late January.The company said that it was selling $3 billion worth at […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: Microsoft has an exciting new tablet, but can it stand up to its big brother?

The Microsoft Surface line of products is so much more than just a bunch of big-screened computers and gaming tablets.It’s the first truly interactive, tablet-based product Microsoft has released in a long time.If Microsoft is to build a legacy in the tablet market, they’re going to have to start making devices that can be used […]