How Intel’s new chip stacks up against the iPad Pro

Intel is launching a new high-end computer that can crunch graphics on top of its own chip, but that’s only half the story.The company’s new “Celeron” chip, which is made by Samsung, has a lot of computing power, but it also has a big downside.The Celeron has to be super-efficient for it to be useful […]

How to create a great aesthetic computer wallpaper

The internet is full of tutorials for how to create computer wallpaper.The latest entry, for the iPad, features an aesthetic that’s based around the iPad’s built-in keyboard.This article explains how you can make your own keyboard.We’ll also walk you through some steps to create the right font, size and shape for your computer.Step 1.Find out […]

‘I’ll pay my way’: Dad gets new computer, tablet, and smartphone

The father of three is looking forward to the arrival of his new smartphone and tablet computer.But he won’t be getting the new ones overnight, and he wants to get them for free.“I want to give my son something for free,” said Daniel P. DeBruyn, an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Westport, […]