I love my new computer. Now what?

Posted March 02, 2018 09:15:01I love my newest computer.And I love that it’s so cute.And it’s not just me, it’s you.The new Dell laptop I got just a few weeks ago looks so nice, and the new MacBook looks just gorgeous.The computer backgrounds on my new MacBook look great, too.I love them.I’m so excited to […]

How to make the perfect computer background for your child

When my son was little, he had a computer background he was obsessed with.It was a huge, giant computer, full of wires and wires of different colors.He wanted to use the screen to look like a video game.So I went to my local hardware store and picked up a computer monitor that was about two […]

The Wall St. Journal: Microsoft’s ‘Puppy-Friendly’ ‘Coffee’ Gets A New Name

The Wall Saint Journal article (Jan. 13, 2019)By the time Microsoft introduced its latest version of its popular PC gaming console, the Surface, the company was already under fire for the lack of diversity in its game and productivity software.A new report from Microsoft shows that the company is making strides in its diversity efforts.The […]