When HP laptops go from ‘cheap’ to ‘worth it’

HP’s HP Pavilion 13 laptop is now a bargain for people looking for an affordable, portable laptop.The laptop has been priced from $1,299, with an MSRP of $2,999.Dell has also jumped on the trend with its Dell XPS 13, which comes with a $1.7 million MSRP.Dell and HP have been selling laptops that cost more […]

Computer repair costs $150 per hour at $15 per hour, computer repair costs up to $150,000 per year, and a computer repair is more than a year away

A woman’s computer repair cost $150 a hour at the beginning of the year, the average hourly cost of a computer is $15.00, and it costs more than $150 for every year it is in operation.These costs can be significantly higher than the $25 a month average for a computer in the United States.The National […]