How to buy a laptop computer, how to get a monitor, and what to expect when you buy one

Dell and HP are buying into the cloud, with a partnership to make their own laptops and monitors available on the web.They’ve teamed up with Adobe to make the Dell XPS 15 laptop, which was first announced in 2015.The Dell Xps 15 is now available for preorder through, with the same model for $999.Dell […]

What to know about chess computer brands

The following is a list of the major chess computer manufacturers: Brand Name Manufacturer  Price  Size (GB)  CPU   Core   Count  RAM   GB  (4) Intel Core i5-6500U 4x 4GB $169.99 Intel Xeon E5-2620 4x 8GB $129.99 Intel Xeon E7-2650 4x 16GB $189.99  Intel Pentium G4560 4x 12GB $139.99Intel Core M-5Y70 4x 24GB $119.99

Which computer background are you most excited about buying?

You probably aren’t alone.If you’re a consumer who wants to get a fresh start with a new PC, there are a number of products you can buy right now that offer a lot of bang for your buck.Here are some of the most popular computer backgrounds you can consider buying right now.Read moreHexagon Color HD […]