Microsoft says it’s now the default PC for Microsoft employees

Microsoft is changing the way that its employees use its software.

In a blog post on Tuesday, the company said that it will now show an icon in the taskbar that reads “Windows” when you open a new computer or a web page.

This is a significant shift from the previous default icon which used to say “Microsoft”.

“Microsoft’s new icon for desktop computers and web browsers will be shown when you type ‘Windows’ in the Windows Start menu or in a new web page,” Microsoft said in a blogpost.

Microsoft says it has been using the icon since October 2013 and the icon was introduced to mark the first release of Windows 10.

But this time, Microsoft said, the icon will show when you click on a new Windows 10 desktop or web page, and the company will show the icon when you switch between multiple desktop or browser windows.

Microsoft also announced that it has moved some of its tools from Microsoft’s web-based tools to a new platform that it calls Visual Studio, and has made it easier for users to deploy software to the new platform.

The company said the new Visual Studio has more powerful tools and a new developer portal that enables developers to create applications and deliver them to Windows 10 users.

“The Visual Studio platform is better suited to delivering Windows 10 apps, and this platform is more open, enabling more developers to deliver Windows 10 applications on the platform,” Microsoft wrote.

“For example, we have added the Visual Studio Marketplace, allowing developers to add new software to this platform, and we are also introducing a new tool that allows developers to write Windows 10 code in Visual Studio.”

The company also said it would be adding more “visual design” tools, which it describes as the “visual elements that make Visual Studio apps more appealing”.

The announcement comes after Microsoft’s latest financial results showed the firm had a net loss of $5.7 billion on revenue of $23.9 billion in the year to March 31.

The firm said it was a “very successful year” and that it had made some improvements to its customer experience, which included improved support, and improved financial reporting.

Microsoft had also increased its investment in artificial intelligence and the cloud, and it also said that its software is more secure than ever.

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