‘It is a matter of life and death’: FBI director on ‘massive’ threats against American citizens

A new FBI report details how “massive” threats against Americans continue to surface every day.

The report, released on Monday, describes a wide range of attacks on U.S. government and private businesses that have taken place since President Donald Trump took office.

The FBI said the number of cyberattacks targeting U.N. agencies, state and local governments and individuals grew from just under 1,000 in the year before the election to more than 2,000 last year.

The agency said that, as of January, it had detected more than 1,500 such attacks targeting U-N.

and U.K. institutions and personnel, according to the report.

In its report, the FBI said it was “unprecedented” in its scope.

The U.G.C.C., a United Nations agency that oversees global efforts to combat climate change, said it had reported more than 4,300 cyberattacks in the 12 months to the end of March.

In addition to cyberattacks on U-nations and U-K.

officials, the report said the U.J. and G-8 organizations were targets of cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks targeting the U-S.

military, U.R.C.-VIC, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency were also listed as “threats to national security” by the report, which found that at least one of the groups had been hacked and that “the cyberattacks have been designed to compromise national security.”

The report also cited a report that suggested the U.-N.

had been compromised by Russian hackers and that Russian military intelligence had hacked the United States.

The State Department on Tuesday said that the Trump administration has taken the matter “very seriously.”

It said in a statement that the UN. has a “well-established record of conducting cyber-related activities to counter cyber-threats,” and that the United Kingdom, in particular, “continues to work closely with the U .

N. on the implementation of its cybersecurity strategy and has been proactive in strengthening its cyber defenses.”

The U-R.U.V.

C, which oversees the UGC, said in an emailed statement that it has “robust cyber capabilities and is well-versed in countermeasures” and “does not tolerate cyber-attacks.”

The United States’ defense secretary, James Mattis, said on Twitter on Monday that his department “continually monitors the threat level” of U.

Ns and UKs and “we take all cyberthreats seriously.”

He added: “The threat level is very high.”

In a statement, the State Department said the agency “is actively engaging” with other governments on issues related to cyber threats.