Israeli students and staff flock to computers to learn about the history of computers

Israel’s students and employees flock to computer stores and online courses to learn more about the computers and computers history.

In recent years, Israel’s technology industry has been transformed by the popularity of cloud computing and the emergence of cloud-based software.

The government’s Digital Strategy for Education and the Digital Economy is now focused on promoting and implementing digital education and the digital economy.

This is reflected in the creation of a new digital strategy and a new educational sector.

The Digital Strategy focuses on education through a new framework and has the objective of bringing together the government’s information and information technology (IT) sector, technology companies, universities and students.

The strategy also focuses on supporting students, teachers, businesses and the public.

The strategy will also be used to foster innovation and technological advances.

The new strategy includes the creation and development of a National Digital Strategy.

This will aim to foster digital innovation and bring about technological breakthroughs that will create new opportunities for the Israeli economy.

The National Digital strategy will include the following areas:The goal of the Digital Strategy is to strengthen the Israeli government’s digital agenda and ensure that the country is ready to embrace the future of the digital era.

It will focus on promoting technological innovation and the development of new technologies and services.

It also includes a vision for the country’s digital future and its digital future for all.

According to the Ministry of Education, the Digital strategy focuses on promoting innovation and technology and will aim at developing new technologies, technologies, services, business models and standards.

The goal is to build a strong and vibrant digital ecosystem that will provide Israel with the technology needed to harness the power of the Internet.

In the next 10 years, the digital strategy will promote and promote the development and expansion of technology and technology-related industries.

In addition, the strategy will focus more on enhancing the competitiveness of the Israeli digital economy through education, research, innovation, business and other opportunities.

The goal of this strategy is to attract and retain talent from the private sector, as well as from the public sector.

It is also aimed at attracting and retaining students and other professionals to the country.

According the Ministry, the Strategy aims to strengthen Israel’s digital ecosystem, create an environment of innovation and create opportunities for growth.

It aims to increase the value of Israeli knowledge and skills and encourage the creation, adoption and development by Israel of digital technologies.

The Ministry will also strengthen its partnership with other countries.

The ministry will seek to promote digital technology, especially in fields of health, education and business.

It plans to improve the coordination of government and private sector efforts to encourage the development, adoption, and use of digital technology.

According a ministry statement, Israel has the largest number of online courses and is also among the top 10 countries in terms of the number of courses offered online.

Israel has a large number of universities and technology companies that offer online courses, the ministry added.

The ministry will also make efforts to increase awareness of digital skills, enhance access to digital services and improve training.

According, the country has also invested heavily in its technology sector and has increased its investments in the IT industry.

In 2015, the government increased its investment in IT by $100 million.

In 2017, the Ministry will invest another $100m in the countrys IT sector and will continue to invest in IT, the statement added.

In 2020, the total amount of foreign exchange investment in Israel’s IT sector will reach $5.3 billion.

The IT industry is expected to grow by approximately $1.1 billion in 2021.

Accordingly, Israel will aim for a strong position in the global digital economy, and will also aim to lead the world in technological development.

In the same time, it will also ensure the country does not lose its competitive edge, the plan states.

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