IBM’s Watson, Google’s TensorFlow will be the first of many in AI-based computing, according to the company’s CFO

Posted by CNBC Business on February 15, 2018 08:01:30IBM has unveiled the first batch of machines to run Google’s deep learning framework Tensorflow.

IBM says it will be among the first machines to use the software to run deep learning on IBM Watson, a machine that is being developed by Google.

The company says it has already built a test bench with the system running.

The Tensor Framework is designed to help AI researchers run complex neural networks on machines.IBM says its machine will have the capability to run the deep learning tool in its cloud, IBM Cloud, in combination with IBM Watson.

IBM said the machine will be built at the company headquarters in Mountain View, California.

“This is a huge step forward for IBM in the space of AI.

We are proud to be part of IBM’s leading initiative to build and use the world’s first cloud-based AI platform,” said Mark Moore, vice president of technology at IBM Watson’s chief technology officer, David Rutter.”

The first machine to run Tensor Flow on IBM Cloud will allow IBM’s research team to quickly iterate on deep learning and machine learning tools while enabling its researchers to explore the limits of deep learning in the real world,” said Rutter in a statement.

TensorFlow is a software framework for deep learning that was first developed at Google.

It is a popular open source deep learning platform.

It is an open-source, open-access, open source framework for machine learning, neural networks and other computational algorithms that allows the developers of these techniques to write software that runs on machine-learning platforms, and which can be run by a wide variety of computing systems.IBI Watson is one of the first projects to be built in the cloud, according, Rutter said.

The announcement comes as IBM prepares to launch a new line of Watson-based consumer computing products.

IBM has also announced it will soon launch a smart home appliance based on Tensor and Watson.

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