How to hack a computer to make it display your Facebook status

Hacker code to make your phone say “Hi, Facebook!” or “Hi Google!” could allow someone to bypass a security check on the phone that could allow an attacker to download a malicious program, according to a new security researcher.

Hackers can use this kind of code to remotely access a phone or tablet without using an app, making it vulnerable to a wide range of attacks.

This is especially dangerous because it makes it easier for a person to bypass the security check.

In a post on his website, Daniel Hsieh, an associate professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, said he used a modified version of the Android version of OpenCV to make a phone display a Facebook status message that displayed in a text box and could also be used to remotely control a phone without an app. 

Hsieh said that the code he wrote could be used in two ways: a) it could be written as a simple text file to execute on the computer of the phone; or b) it would be able to read and change memory on the Android phone. 

“A phone that was hacked could use the vulnerability to bypass an existing security check and install a malicious application,” he wrote. 

A second attack using the same code could also bypass the Android security check to install malware that could infect the phone or allow it to be used as a command and control center, Hsie, who has been developing a smartphone security tool called  Android App Hacking , said in a blog post.

The vulnerability is not limited to the Android OS.

Hsie said that it is also possible for the hacker to change the way the phone looks on a screen to display malicious code or other malicious content, and this is where another vulnerability that has been discovered in the Android operating system comes in.

“It’s not clear what kind of malicious intent the attacker might have had in mind,” he said.

“But it is plausible that this could be the same intent as in the previous attack. 

Android Phone Hacking is a very important security vulnerability because it means that if the attacker has access to the phone, he or she can install a Trojan horse that can install any application, including malware, on the device.

The Trojan horse would have a much higher chance of successfully installing malware because it can’t be detected and prevented. 

To read more about the Google-owned smartphone operating system, check out the following posts:

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