How to get a free Internet connection at a university

A student from California has managed to get his university’s internet connection to work again after the university’s network fell down.

In this video posted to YouTube, a user with the name ‘Tatanka’ explains how he made the change by installing an Android app called Google Chrome.

After getting a few hours of internet, he logged on to his university network, which is part of the US Government’s National Broadband Plan.

Tatankas ‘Google Chrome’ app on his phone and desktop (left) and an Android tablet with an open Google account (right).

Tatanks internet access after installing Chrome.

Tats internet access before installing Chrome, before it was down.

Google Chrome, which enables Google to deliver internet connections for students, has been installed on more than one million computers across the country.

But the student said that this wasn’t the first time Google had failed to deliver the internet connection he needed.

Google’s troubles with the network had been well documented over the past few months.

In October, the university announced that it would not be able to make use of its Google Fiber network until further notice.

It has also struggled with internet service providers.

In February, Google was forced to stop providing the service to students after the ISP Comcast failed to make it work.

And in March, a Google Fiber-connected network was hit with a major technical outage, with thousands of customers unable to access the internet and some students losing their computers.

At the time, Google had also been forced to discontinue its internet service in several states, which prompted the Federal Communications Commission to intervene in the matter.

This was the first reported incident of a student using Google’s Chrome app to try to access his university internet connection.

But after the internet went down, he said he found that he could get internet access through a Google account on his smartphone.

Tate said he was unable to download any files from Google, but that the service was working again.’

I feel really lucky that I was able to use Chrome, it was the only thing that worked, ‘ he said.

‘And I can still use Chrome when I need to, but I was really disappointed that my internet connection didn’t work again.’

But he added: ‘It’s really cool that it works.

I think it’s really amazing that Google Chrome works.

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