How a new video game is taking the industry by storm

Posted September 09, 2018 04:32:33A new video gaming game called Super Mario Run has hit the shelves, bringing new life to a classic platformer franchise that had been in limbo for decades.

The new game is called Super Metroid, and it looks like it has a lot going for it.

The title, developed by Nintendo, is an interactive story-driven platformer game that blends elements of Mario and Metroid into a 3D world.

Nintendo, known for its popular Mario titles, has been releasing platformers for nearly 30 years.

Super Mario has been a big part of that franchise.

Super Metroid is a different story.

It’s a game that doesn’t play the traditional Mario formula, but rather takes a different approach.

Super Metroid takes a more interactive approach.

Instead of taking the traditional platforming style of Mario, which involves jumping and sliding, Super Metroid takes place in a giant cavern.

The game takes place within a vast cavern, where you must explore different areas to find the secret to defeating the enemy, the Guardian.

It’s an unusual approach for Nintendo.

Its most recent games, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, took a more linear approach, allowing players to simply explore the levels.

But Super Metroid took a different route, with you able to explore the caverns in different directions and use certain items to speed up your journey.

The game is also a little more complicated than what you’d expect from a traditional Mario game.

There are more enemies than in previous Mario games, but the gameplay is a little simpler, with the main goal being to collect enough coins to complete a course of levels.

It also includes more items and weapons, which you can equip to your character’s hands to help him do the same.

There are a couple of different routes through the game.

For example, you can start the game at a new area and then traverse the cavern until you reach the boss, which is the Metroid that appears when you defeat the Guardian, which happens in the third level.

This boss has three forms.

One forms is a normal-sized Metroid that attacks by punching you.

The other forms are bigger versions of the boss that attacks in a very similar way to the Metroid from Super Mario Galaxy.

It has a more powerful attack, but its attacks have a shorter range.

It has also got some unique mechanics to it.

You can use your hands to create an alternate power-up that you can use in the game, and then throw it at the Guardian to do damage.

That means you can switch to a different power-ups in a single turn, which makes it a bit more tactical than before.

For the first time in a Nintendo game, the game also introduces a story mode that allows players to get a sense of the world of Super Mario.

The main story is told in an adventure mode, where players will explore the entire game’s caverns, and you will also be able to help the player unlock different items and power- ups to help them.

It feels like a side story that has been cut from the game for the first two games.

Super Mario Run will be available on the Nintendo Switch on October 27.