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Computer games have long been popular among young people, and in a way that has always been a part of what makes them so special.

A new computer wallpaper is no exception, as the latest installment of a popular gaming series comes to life as a fan-made computer wallpaper.

A fan-based computer wallpaper that was inspired by anime is now available for purchase on, where it can be seen for a $2.95 price tag.

The computer wallpaper was made by a fan known as Sengoku_Fan.

A user of the popular website Kekai Project shared the wallpaper, which was created by Sengokitai.

This user of Kekau, or fan, also shared a picture of the computer wallpaper as well.

This is not the first time fans have created fan-created computer wallpaper on the Internet.

In January, a fan of the game Fire Emblem Heroes made a fan made wallpaper that featured a dragon.

This fan-powered computer wallpaper will be a popular wallpaper for a long time to come.

Fans have been creating fan-inspired wallpaper for many years, and this latest edition is no different.

The wallpaper was created in December, and it will go up for sale at the end of February.