Amazon computer server could be used to monitor Canadians’ communications

A Canada-based software developer said Wednesday that Amazon’s cloud computing service could be “used for monitoring the communications of Canadians” if they use a public Wi-Fi network.

“If I want to watch the video on my TV, and I know it’s on the internet, and it’s in my neighbourhood, then I could access it on Amazon’s servers,” said Scott Dominguez, a Canadian IT consultant based in Vancouver, Canada.

“But if I want a private, non-public Wi-FI connection, then Amazon’s not going to let me.”

Dominguez’s remarks were made during a panel discussion at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, organized by the American Society of Information Technology.

The event was billed as an attempt to help the U.S. government figure out how to better police the use of its own private cloud computing services.

Domingues’ comments follow comments from the U,S.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday that it is investigating how Amazon can monitor Internet traffic for content creators.

Amazon has said it will not disclose how it uses its services, but the company has previously said it does not monitor the content of the traffic it receives.

A spokesman for the FCC said that the commission’s probe has been prompted by the FCC’s request for information from Amazon on how it collects and uses the personal information it collects from the users of its cloud computing platform.

The FTC probe comes as Amazon is preparing to expand its cloud services to more locations, including the U., and with plans to introduce a feature to users that would let them access and manage their data on their own personal computers.

Amazon recently announced that it will add a service that lets users store data on computers connected to their homes or offices.

Dealing with government regulators is one area in which Amazon has been less forthcoming than other tech companies about its cloud-based services.

The company has declined to release its data collection practices in countries where the U!


has imposed privacy laws.

In a blog post last year, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos described his company’s cloud services as “free and open,” but he said that users are required to agree to “a strict set of privacy rules” to use the services.

Amazon has not released the terms of the privacy agreement that it has signed with the FTC.

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